Mistakes of About Us Page

About Us Page is known to be the most visited page of your website, as it will help you in briefing about  your  business and other important and unique abilities to the visitors. It basically helps you in displaying a brief outline about yourself and your business, so that the visitors can easily analyse and grasp certain basic and important information about the business without any further confusions. So it is very important for a businessmen to focus on this area of the website, as it in terms can be considered to be the backbone of your profile.

Here mentioned below are few of the very common mistakes, which are easily noticeable and is required to work upon:

# Focusing on what services you offer, rather than who you are? :

It is known to be one of the most common mistake, as the whole concept of About Us Page lies on making the visitors aware about the history of the business as well as the businessmen. Basically with the help of this column on the page, a businessmen can give an account on a short journey which can illustrate what all has made him to establish a certain business. But what is found these days is that instead of briefing about the business, it is seen that the page is filled up with services they offer.

# Vague content:

It is very important to make a good quality content on the About Us Page, as it defines who you actually are. But what is found in most of the websites is that the column is just filled up with some random copy paste thing. It usually lacks the satisfactory quality which is very much required to grab the attention of the readers.

# No Showcase of personalities involved:

Instead of filling the column with boring and thoughtless information, one should try to capture the attention of the visitors by displaying the  profiles  of the professionals involved in business. As this will lay an effective impact on the visitors.

# Lack of conversational tone:

It is very important to keep in mind that the content which you display should be very compelling and at the same time it should also have a conversational tone. But what usually found is that almost all the website lacks such qualities and present a very boring and ambiguous content which is not appreciated by the visitors. The language in which you express should sound as if you are making face to face conversation, as this help you in influencing the attention of great number of people.

Hence it is very important for a businessmen to keep in mind the above mentioned mistakes before publishing it on the website. As the main idea or concept behind the About Us page is basically to define you. So it is necessary to mention company’s or business vision and philosophy. Moreover it should also display the team members profiles and the content should also be compelling at the same time.


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