Top 10 Tips to Get High Quality Backlinks from Commenting

Wipe the beads of sweat from your brow and pick the grit from between your teeth because you are a brave soldier for considering getting backlinks from commenting, and aiming for high quality links from commenting is like trying to find the goose that laid the golden egg. You have your work cut out for you if you are looking for high quality backlinks from commenting, so here are a few tips to help you fight the battle.

Here are Top 10 Tips to Get High Quality Backlinks from Blog Commenting:

1 – Be aware that Comment sections have a No Follow function

WordPress have made their comment sections a default no-follow, and since there is no real benefit for the blogger to have links in his or her blog comment section it seems that most other content management systems have followed suit. This means that most of your linking from comment sections is going to make no difference to your search engine result position at all.

2 – Use a Web Spider to search out Comment section Links

You may have to design one or have a programmer design one for you. You use the web spider to search out links on comment sections because if there are links then it means the website’s manager doesn’t mind links or that the blog master doesn’t care or that he or she may take money for links–so basically it is all good news for you.

3 – Look for comment section links manually

If you do not have a spider to crawl people’s websites then you can do it manually. Look for comment sections that already have links in the comment section because you are more likely to face a stiffer resistance if the comment section has no backlinks in it. Look over old posts to see if backlinks have been entered onto the blog posts.

4 – Copy your competition and the comment sections they have linked from

Why do all the work yourself when you can have your competitors do it for you. Just run a backlink checking tool on their website and see what pops up from comment sections. That way you have already found your comment section and just need to figure out how your competitor got his or her backlink on there without it being deleted.

5 – Be smarmy and make friends with the forum master

This is a cheap way of getting your backlink onto a forum. You can be all friendly and nice to the forum master. Hopefully they see though this sort of trick, but as the octopuses arms say, there is a sucker born every minute.

6 – Write a long and thought out comment

This is a nice way of sneaking your link into the comment. You must relate your comment to the link. The link must be a vital part of your well thought out comment. This is what guilt trips the forum master into leaving your comment and link intact. Save your comment on a document so that if he or she does delete it then you can paste it somewhere else.

7 – Re-comment and reply so your deleted comment would look bad

If people reply to you then reply back and get a tread going. If you can do this then it will not make sense if your original comment disappears because others looking at the comment section will have no idea what’s going on. Just make sure you take the advice of tip number six and make the link an integral part of the comment.

8 – Offer Reciprocal linking to the forum master

The forum master may respond to this if you do not call it reciprocal linking. It may also be more appealing if you call it cross promoting and if you have a website or forum that is as popular as his or hers.

9 – Hire a company to do it for you

If you cannot do it then have another company do it for you. You can take all of the work out of the situation by hiring another company to find comment sections for you and link from them. It is a good idea if you can find a trustworthy team who will not spam comments.

10 – Pay a blogger to allow you to put a backlink in his or her comment section

You can pay a blogger to put your backlink into his or her blog comment section. You will also have to make sure that the comment section does not apply its no-follow tag to your backlink. You may be better off having a blog post written in your name and linking from that, but if it is possible to get a comment section backlink cheaper then give it a go.  

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