Top 7 Effective Steps to Become a Better Social Media Marketer

Here are seven steps Of Social Media Marketing that are more like rules of thumb. This is because you can do the steps in any order, just so long as you are doing them all. If you do them all then you are going to be a far more effective social media marketing professional. Break the rules and you will continue to flap around on the bottom of the social media barrel like a homeless man with an interminably itchy toe.

Below are Top 7 Effective Steps to Become a Better Social Media Marketer

1 – Put the right media on the right network and do it well

High quality YouTube videos should go on YouTube, and not photos. Put the right type of media on the right type of social media network, make sure it is high quality and you have yourself a winner. Just remember that too much of a good thing is not so great. Facebook was not built for videos but it will take them. Add too many videos on there and it becomes an inconvenience for the followers.

2 – Get a scheduling tool and do it now

Scheduling tools are what separates the men from the boys. The metric measuring nonsense is child’s play. A scheduling tool puts you at the helm of your own social media profile. You can plan posts so far in advance that you can plan the reactions people are going to have to them.

3 – You are maintaining a brand or a reputation

You are not on there to sell stuff (at least that shouldn’t be your number one concern). Work on educating your viewers and getting them interested in your company, your posts or your products. Trying to sell via social media is like trying to sail on a golf course–all you will do it get people angry. Build your online reputation and by the time people get to your website they will already be all patsies up to start buying.

4 – Copy other peoples great posts if it means filling up your page

Social Media is not a website or any sort of blog. You can copy all you like on there and it doesn’t matter because it is your personal space. That is why stopping congress from giving people powers of copyright throughout the Internet is dangerous. All of a sudden if you want to feature a clip or a picture from a TV show on your social media profile you will have to pay royalties, and if you want to add a song to your social media profile you are in for a rude awakening.

5 – You are not trying to get new followers

You are trying to keep the ones you have got. Because, if you are trying to keep the ones you have got then you are doing it right and the more people that come to your profile then the more people are going to stay. Power companies do this sort of dumb chump thing all the time.

They give away their left leg to new customers and leave their old customers to rot. So, the old customers migrate to another company that is promising them the world and the whole bitter cycle goes on. If you are trying to get new customers all the time, then you are no better than the life insurance companies that give a free carriage clock away with every new account. Really? Life insurance and they give you a clock so you can watch your years tick away? Do what you do in order to keep your current viewers and more will come, and more importantly, your new viewers will stick like gum in a young girl’s hair.

6 – High quality content matters, but not as much as you think

This is not a solid rule. For example, if you have a very interesting movie clip but it sounds like the people in it are talking down a drain pipe, then you have a serious problem. On the other hand, if you are listing all of the accidental auto-spelling-correct errors that you have found online, then how well the sentences are punctuated, or how well the piece flows is not going to matter because the content is interesting.

Similarly, if you have a dull video that has the production values of a mainstream Hollywood movie then it will still be crap. It is like the movie “9”. It was a beautifully animated movie, but the story was so dull, endless and pointless that watching it was torture. The same is true if you do not have interesting posts, so as a rule of thumb try to keep things interesting.

7 – Go viral by accident

Going viral does not matter. There is little point in having your flash-in-the-pan anyway because it has no lasting effect. In most cases it has no immediate effect either, unless you have social media monitoring tools and you like to see spikes here and there. If you are going to go viral then do it by accident.

If you do see some of your content being shared, then post it via a market saturation method by posting it on just about every single account you can. And, add to it as well if you wish. If you create a new meme idea such as haunted fridges, then do haunted fridges extreme where your chest freezer starts becoming haunted too.


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